Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HD Upgrading and Menu Freezing Fix

Just a quick note. If you are experiencing problems like freezing and you can't use the System Restore function, the easiest way to fix it is by swapping your PS3 hard drive into another system and formating it.

I just remembered you'll need to have some kind of media with the PS3 Firmware on it.

Follow Sony's steps here:


I prefer using the PC Update method whenever I update my PS3 firmware.

You can use any external drive (thumbdrive, flash drive, media card, etc.) as long as it has enough room for the update. They're usually around 130mb.

Then press Start and Select at the same time on the controller and it will go through the motions.

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  1. So I'm prettySure that I have this exact problem my Playstation 3 it has been operating pretty loudly for the past few months. As I'm wondering to myself, yes when I check the machine it is often hot to the touch. Well as you can imagine now it is no longer operating properly. It won't even allow access to the menu screen. it specifies that the machine was shut off Improperly every time (even when shut off correctly through the menu) and needs to restart. But once the PlayStation 3 Logo appears It freezes EVERYTIME Before it reaches the menu Page. And unfortunately I cannot access the settings through the controller And I do NOT have Anyone Who has a PlayStation 3 that I could use to Switch out the hardrives even if just temporarily for repairs. Sugar I'm sure I would have no problem downloading Or transferring Or even cleaning The inside Navigations of the controller and/or the console. I probably even have a few extra hard drives sitting around...its just I'm not very mechanical. Better yet I'm just not that great at electrical work. But also my concern is that even after cleaning the machine there may still be a possibility of the hard drive being corrupted. So my question to you is this, Is there any way to Restore the system By connecting with a USB/Flash Drive/removable Hard drive/ Personal PC? Even maybe a CD? Thank you for your advice and help. BTW I really enjoy your page. A job well done. Thank you and look forward to hearing back from you soon.